Domestic Violence - essay

"On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States - more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year." [background] I know how hard it was coming to me but, domestic violence is a serious issue and comparing websites to help is the first thing to do when trying to leave a toxic relationship. [Thesis] The first article named "Abuse defined" is better than "How to stop Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women" pages because it tells you what domestic violence is, who to talk to about it, and how to get out of the relationship.

"Abuse Defined" is the better of the two pages due to the fact that it explains exactly what domestic violence is. [1] "Domestic a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship", this statement comes directly from "Abuse Defined" and clearly defines what it is. [2] The other webpage named "How to stop Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women" doesn't give any detail on what domestic violence is, though it is needed to identify if it's truly happening to you.

Once again, the first page wins at being the better of the two. [P] This time we compare which gives better help on who to talk to. [3] In "Abuse Defined" there is a recourses tab where you can find the specific hotline number for each state, and they even have teenager specific recourses, whereas the second page just has a get help option at the top with a hand to symbolize a helping hand. [P] Having the numbers for help is a better option because you may not have the courage to call right then, but you have the number for when you are ready.

Getting out of any situation you don't want to be in is tough, but "Abuse defines" gives more help than "How to stop Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women" by telling victims how to leave. [2] The first page has a victims and survivors tab where you can get an online pep talk on leaving a toxic relationship and an area that tells you step by step how to leave. [3] The second page has a tab to online chat or call domestic violence help volunteers, which could be helpful but most likely a victim would be too scared that their attacker could overhear them. [4] As an added bonus of precaution the first page "Abuse Defined" gives you a big red "X" button on the website that immediately takes you to google upon clicking it just in case the perpetrator comes into the room, this is like a scapegoat for your safety

Overall the first webpage is a better candidate to help victims of domestic violence by telling us what domestic violence is, who to talk to, and how to leave the toxic situation. [1] I have put them both to the test and have decided that "Abuse Defined" will help you more since it has all of the important characteristics. [Clincher] Just remember researching could be the first step to saving your life, and no matter what I'm here to help.